Brett Young

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Brett Young is from Houston, Texas where he began taking classes for jazz, tap and other forms of dance as a child before eventually enrolling in the Houston Ballet Academy. Upon graduating high school, he attended the University of Oklahoma where he continued his training and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts before joining the ranks of Texas Ballet Theater. This is Brett’s seventh season in the company, where he has performed works by Kenneth MacMillan, Ohad Naharin, George Balanchine, Val Caniparoli and Jerome Robbins. During his time with Texas Ballet Theater, he has most enjoyed performing in Ben Stevenson’s story ballets, Jiri Kilyan’s Petite Mort, and the Rooster from Christopher Bruce’s Rooster.

Where are you from?
Houston, TX

When did you begin dancing?

Why did you begin dancing?
Watching movies like Mary Poppins or musicals with Gene Kelly sparked an interest in dance so my parents enrolled me in tap and jazz.

When did you join Texas Ballet Theater?
2012-2013 season

What is your favorite ballet to see?
Petite Mort, Manon, Ben Stevenson’s Mozart Requiem, Voluntaries…too many

What is your favorite ballet to perform/what is your favorite role you have performed?
Mozart Requiem and Petite Mort

What surprised you the most about being a professional dancer?
Well, in this Company at least, most everybody doesn’t mind helping others out.

What is your favorite movie/TV show?
The Dark Knight, Grand Budapest Hotel, Singing in the Rain, Pulp Fiction, No Country for Old Men

What’s your least favorite word?
Sin or any derivation of it

Do you enjoy teaching or choreographing?

What outdoor activities do you enjoy?
Frisbee, tossing a football around, even just walking around town or in a park

If you could drive any car, what would it be?
The Batmobile

What’s one thing you believe is necessary to be a great performer?
Imagination and commitment